Why take the femex class?

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FemSex (FemEx) is an incredible experience. I learned so much about myself - to an extent that is only possible when you can open yourself up to be truly challenged, to have your assumptions and beliefs deconstructed, and to do it all in an environment of steadfast support and love. I met some of the most beautiful and inspiring women I’ve ever known. And I grew to respect myself in a new way. We live such busy lives and pursue so many goals. It’s so easy to shelve our own personal growth for another day. It’s so easy to overlook the beauty and strength of other women in our lives. FemSex (FemEx) was, for me, a much-needed reminder to be present in my day-to-day, and to see what is always in front of me.
— femexy 1
I’ll be brief. FemSex (FemEx) changed my life. I walked into the class thinking I was already empowered and knew everything I needed to know about myself and women’s empowerment. I left with a profound humbleness. But even more so- I learned to respect who I am and to begin to believe- truly believe- that I am beautiful.
— femexy 2
Think of it as the sex-ed you should have had growing up, but never did. the course covers everything from anatomy and reproductive health to communication, relationships and body image and all the while you are taking this journey with other women, teaching and inspiring each other along the way.
— femexy 3