Session Capacity: femex is an all-volunteer run organization. While we would love to accept all who apply, our current capacity allows us to run approximately 4 classes per session capped at 14 participants each. If we are unable to accommodate you this session, we encourage you to stay engaged by signing up for femex updates.

Wait-list Policy: femex strives to place the most diverse candidates in each class which helps to create the best possible experience for the participants. We are currently able to place a limited number of applicants on a waitlist. If you are placed on the waitlist you will be notified. If participants drop out during the first two weeks of class, we will evaluate, on a case-by-case basis, which wait-listed candidates can best fill the spot.  If you are selected to join a class, we will notify you as soon as possible.   

Class Attendance Policy: Attendance is extremely important to creating a safe, fun and productive class environment. We encourage all participants to attend every class as you will get the most out of your femex experience and create a stronger bond with your classmates. We do understand that work, personal or emergency situations may arise. In general  participants notify their facilitators and/or their class (via the class listserv) if an absence is going to occur.Due to the demand for class spots we cannot guarantee placement for anyone who will be missing more than 3 weeks of class.

First 3 Weeks of Class: the first 3 weeks of class form the basis for everything that you will do throughout the 15 weeks. If you will be missing more than 1 of the first 3 weeks of class, we cannot guarantee placement.

Taking the femex 16-Week Class Multiple Times: femex currently does not have the capacity to allow for alumnae to be able to participate in the class a 2nd time.  We are working to build-out our alumnae programming and we thank all of our amazing alumnae for understanding.