"femex is an invigorating and life-affirming space that feels like home."


femex runs a 15-16-week course that covers a range of topics, including: anatomy, sex & gender; body image; communication; sexual practices; relationships; and other issues that impact the ways in which we experience the world. Our courses are held in the early spring and fall, meet once-per-week for three hours, and operate on a donation-only basis. A group of 14 participants and two facilitators work through the course together.

At the heart of femex is the core belief that we have the potential to empower each other. Our focus is to provide the space and structure to form communities and explore different aspects of what it means to be female. We strive to create an environment where diverse groups can grow together through exploration, discussion, and experiential learning – frequently tackling topics that are silenced, considered taboo, or marginalized.

Through different modes of discussion, activities, exposure, and interactive homework assignments, participants challenge their perceptions and understanding of the female identity. All classes are facilitated by peers who have taken the course and are trained by femex leadership.



Class length: 15-16 weeks

Class size: 14 participants

Facilitators: 2 per class

Next Session: Spring 2018

Cost: Sliding scale donation

Open to: All genders

Total femexies: 600+

Class Topics:

Anatomy, Sex & Gender
Power & Privilege
Women's Health & Menstruation
Contraception & STIs
Body Image & Portrayals of Women
Reproductive Choices & Parenthood
Sexual Practices & Orientation
Self-Pleasure & Orgasm
Pornography & Sex Work
Violence Against Women
Women's Empowerment