We envision a world where people of all identities stand in community with one another and lift up our voices, to help us live as our most authentic and uninhibited selves.


Our mission is to cultivate safe and intentional communities dedicated to learning from each other's experiences and challenging social norms.


Personal Experience: Each of us is shaped by our unique identities and experiences. In femex, we believe that sharing our personal experiences can change how others see their own world. When sharing our stories in femex spaces, we aim to be honest and vulnerable. When listening to others, we are open to being changed by what we hear.

Learning: We are committed to learning about ourselves and each other by challenging our conceptions of normal, discussing taboos, sharing our stories, and listening to others. No one is an expert; for this reason femex classes are guided by discussion facilitators--not teachers.

Intersectionality: we believe that social categorizations such as race, class, gender, ability, sexuality, and others overlap to shape our unique identities. In naming, exploring, and discussing these intersections, femex provides a space for understanding and addressing our collective privileges and oppressions.

Radical Inclusivity: We are committed to creating a safe environment for all participants, including women and folks of gender non-conforming and trans* identities. femex is an intentional space for voices that are otherwise silenced, marginalized or excluded. We continuously strive to create spaces that are anti-racist, anti-sexist, affirming and judgment-free.  

Community: Our community is built on trust, transparency, accountability, and mutual acceptance. We show up for ourselves and each other. We value community, because though we each are strong, we are more powerful together.

Celebration: We envision a world in which we have the power to exist as our full selves by celebrating, rather than silencing, our experiences. In the process, we make time to be joyful, have fun, and laugh. We believe in celebrating ourselves and each other.