"femex provided a space for me to learn and explore from others' experiences... creating an invigorating community where I learned to accept my body, and love my best self."

Our Story

femex emerged from FemSex, which began at the University of Berkeley in 1994 when a group of women pitched to the administration a student-taught class centered on the female orgasm. In 2008, FemSex alumni Lisa Molinaro moved to DC. She told her DC-dwelling friends about FemSex, and they convinced her to informally facilitate the course. Over brunches and in living rooms, the first session of FemSex DC began. Friends of those who participated in the first session wanted to join the second session, and quickly, through word of mouth, the course and network grew.

Over the years, our course has evolved to fit the DC community. To represent this shift, we changed our name to femex. Extending beyond sexuality, our curriculum hinges on the understanding that we all have myriad identities, and from the intersection of those identities, we each derive our unique experience. Understanding, sharing, and empowering those experiences is at the heart of our mission. For more on what we care about, click here.

femex holds two sessions each year. We design classes to combine as many different perspectives from our applicant pool as possible. Facilitators strive to incorporate unrepresented viewpoints through readings, guest speakers, and other mediums.

In addition to the course, femex presents at events and partners with like-minded organizations. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.