Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. More questions? Email

Q: Where is the class held? 

A: Facilitators and participants open up their homes and/or offices across DC to host the class. Sometimes, the same person will host for the entire session. Other times, people will take turns. There is space on the application to indicate if you are able to host.

Q: What time does the class start and end?

A: Classes typically last three hours and start between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m. The class will determine what start and end times best fit their needs.

Q: What is the cost to participate?

A: We ask for a donation of $75. Half of the class donations stay with the class to be used for class supplies, food, activities, or for whatever else the class decides. The other half goes back to the organization to support our programs. The donation is sliding scale: all are welcome to participate in the class and to donate whatever they can, whenever they can. There is a $5 application fee. The application fee will be waived for anyone who cannot afford it.

Q: What if I have never taken a women's studies course?

A: That's fine! femex is about learning from others’ personal experiences. No prior or academic knowledge is necessary, only a willingness to share your own experiences and listen and learn from others. femex values all levels of experience and non-experience with the topics we discuss.

Q: What if I can't attend all of the classes?

A: We know that people will miss classes due to work, travel, and illness. We ask that if you know you will be missing more than 2-3 classes during the 15-week course, you wait and apply for a different session. Because femex is all about sharing personal experiences, it is important that the class be able to get to know each other and build a safe space.

Q: Are trans and gender non-conforming folks allowed to take femex?

A: Yes. femex is open to all gender identities and welcomes the trans* community. The course celebrates the experiences of those who have identified, currently identify, or may some day identify as a woman, female-bodied, or feminine of center.

Q: What is the wait list?

A: Classes are capped at 14 participants to ensure an intimate space. Typically, we hold four separate classes. Should we have more applicants than we can accommodate, a wait list will be created. Applicants on the wait list can be placed in a class if anyone drops during the first week of classes.

Q: When do classes begin?

A: Classes for the spring session begin in early February, with informational sessions held in January. The fall session begins in early September, with informational sessions held in August. 

Q: Who runs femex?

A: femex is run by an all-volunteer, unpaid staff of former femex and FemSex participants.